Sensor-Based Methane Leak Detection for Biogas Plants: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

Sensor-Based Methane Leak Detection for Biogas Plants: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions


DL Environmental Sensors are proud to announce a joint development project in partnership with the Danish Technical Institute (DTI) and Nature Energy, a leading Danish biogas operator. The project, "Sensor-Based Methane Leak Detection for Biogas Plants," aims to empower the biogas industry by creating an innovative system that detects, quantifies, and locates methane leaks at biogas plants. With the implementation of this cutting-edge sensor solution, we strive to help Danish Biogas plants achieve unprecedented operational efficiencies, adhere to new regulatory requirements, and reduce greenhouse gas methane emissions. The project is support by the Innovation Fund Denmark and will run over 2 years. 

The Need for Sustainable Solutions:

As sustainability takes center stage, the biogas industry is receiving renewed interst as a sustainable approach to tackling waste treatment and recycling within the agricultural sector and contribute to national energy security. The biogas industry itself faces increasing demands to mitigate environmental impacts of fugitive methane emissions. On average, approximately 2.5% of methane produced at Danish Biogas plants escapes as fugitive emissions, contributing to climate change and resulting in substantial financial losses, equivalent to around 600,000 DKK.

Empowering Biogas Plants with Advanced Technology:

The development project, led by DL Environmental Sensors and supported by DTI and Nature Energy, seeks to develop an advanced sensor-based system for methane leak detection. Our novel methane sensors, combined with anemometers to measure wind direction and speed, form the foundation of this cutting-edge system. Integrating machine learning algorithms will enable the system to accurately identify and quantify methane leaks, while also pinpointing their precise locations.

Enhancing Operational Efficiencies:

The sensor-based methane leak detection system promises to optimize the operations of biogas plants in multiple ways. By quickly detecting and quantifying leaks, operators can take immediate corrective actions, minimizing financial losses and maximizing overall plant efficiency. Additionally, with the ability to track odor emissions, biogas plants can address any complaints from neighbors and other stakeholders, strengthening community relations and fostering a positive environmental impact.

Compliance with New Regulatory Requirements:

As part of our commitment to sustainability, our sensor solution aligns with new regulatory requirements introduced this year in Denmark. With the ability to meet and exceed these stringent standards, biogas operators can confidently ensure compliance and set new benchmarks for environmental responsibility.

Aiming for a Greener Future:

By providing a robust and reliable methane leak detection system, DL Environmental Sensors plays a key role in reducing greenhouse gas methane emissions. The positive environmental impact of this project extends beyond operational efficiency, helping biogas plants contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Positioning DL Environmental Sensors as the Knowledge Leader:

The "Sensor-Based Methane Leak Detection for Biogas Plants" project demonstrates DL Environmental Sensors' unwavering commitment to technological innovation and environmental stewardship. By leading this transformative development initiative and partnering with esteemed institutions like DTI and Nature Energy, we assert ourselves as the knowledge leaders and subject matter experts in methane leak detection solutions.

Generating New Leads and Fostering Partnerships:

Our ambition to drive positive change extends to the industry at large. As this project evolves, we eagerly anticipate forging new partnerships and generating leads with biogas operators who share our vision for a sustainable future. Together, we can create a collective impact that transcends individual boundaries and makes a profound difference in mitigating climate change.


The "Sensor-Based Methane Leak Detection for Biogas Plants" project stands as a testament to DL Environmental Sensors' dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions in the biogas industry. By harnessing advanced technologies, collaborating with esteemed partners, and striving for environmental responsibility, we redefine operational efficiencies for biogas plants while actively reducing greenhouse gas methane emissions.

As knowledge leaders and subject matter experts, we continue to champion innovation, forging partnerships, and driving positive change in the quest for a greener future. Join us on this transformative journey, and together, we will create a cleaner, more sustainable world for generations to come.

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