Revolutionizing Bioprocesses: The Rise of AI-Driven Sensor Technology

Revolutionizing Bioprocesses: The Rise of AI-Driven Sensor Technology

The Need for Innovation

Traditional methods of monitoring bioprocesses involve costly and complex measurements. Thus, in an exciting development in the bio-solutions industry, Devlabs ApS and Sqale ApS are proud to unveil their collaborative effort on the AI eNose sensor project for the monitoring of the bioprocesses.

The AI eNose sensor project aims to tackle these challenges by introducing a novel, cost-effective solution that can significantly reduce the operational expenses associated with these measurements.

Partnership Synergy


The collaboration between Devlabs ApS and Sqale ApS combines deep expertise in sensor technology and AI, creating a formidable team that is poised to lead innovation in bio-solutions. This project not only underscores the partners' commitment to technological advancement but also to fostering a sustainable and efficient future for biomanufacturing.

How the AI eNose Works?

The core of the project is the eNose device, equipped with a sophisticated sensor array capable of detecting and analyzing the complex gas mixtures produced during the bioprocess. By harnessing AI, eNose can process data in real-time, providing accurate and timely insights into the fermentation process, which are crucial for optimal production efficiency.

Presentation of a biological olfactory system and an eNose. Adapted from Sensors 2021, 21, 2271.

Project Impact and Market Potential

The implications of this project extend far beyond cost savings. By enabling more precise control and monitoring of the bioprocesses, the AI eNose sensor will enhance product quality and consistency across the bio-solutions sector. Additionally, the technology has significant market potential, offering a scalable solution that can be adapted for various industrial applications, from small labs to large-scale production facilities.

As we look forward to the successful completion and market introduction of the AI eNose sensor, it is clear that the future of biomanufacturing will be driven by smart, AI-enabled technologies that not only promise to lower costs but also improve the environmental footprint of industrial processes.

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The project would not be possible without a grant from Biosolutions II & Food & Bio Cluster Denmark for the eNose fermentation project.

This would not be possible without such support.

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