Automated Dust and Particle Monitoring for ISO 14644-1 2015 Cleanroom Compliance: Introducing DL-OPC5000 and DGEM

Automated Dust and Particle Monitoring for ISO 14644-1 2015 Cleanroom Compliance: Introducing DL-OPC5000 and DGEM


Maintaining cleanroom standards is paramount for industries seeking precision, reliability, and safety. Compliance with ISO 14644-1 2015 ensures that airborne particle cleanliness is in line with specific cleanroom classes. In this blog post, we present an innovative solution that simplifies and enhances cleanroom monitoring - the DL-OPC5000 Particle Counter, in conjunction with DGEM. This powerful combination enables automatic, real-time, and continuous monitoring, eliminating manual periodic measurements and providing a comprehensive picture of cleanroom compliance.

Understanding ISO 14644-1 2015 Cleanroom Standard:

ISO 14644-1 2015 is an internationally recognized standard governing airborne particle cleanliness in cleanrooms and controlled environments. It establishes strict guidelines for particle concentrations in cleanroom environments to ensure consistent quality and safety across diverse industries.

Cleanrooms find application in critical sectors such as pharmaceuticals, data centers, microelectronics, aerospace, and biotechnology. Meeting cleanroom standards is essential for safeguarding product integrity, protecting sensitive equipment, and creating a conducive environment for precision operations.

Introducing DL-OPC5000 and DGEM for Automated Monitoring:

Our DL-OPC5000 Particle Counter, combined with DGEM, simplifies cleanroom monitoring by providing automatic, real-time, and continuous data collection. This powerful combination reduces or eliminates the need for manual periodic measurements, providing businesses with an up-to-date, comprehensive, and accurate representation of cleanroom compliance.

ISO-class Max particle number concentration (# / m3)
>0.1 um >0.2 um >0.3 um >0.5 um >1 um >5 um
ISO 1 10 2 0 0 0 0
ISO 2 100 24 10 4 0 0
ISO 3 1000 237 102 35 8 0
ISO 4 10000 2370 1020 352 83 0
ISO 5 100000 23700 10200 3520 832 29
ISO 6 1000000 237000 102000 35200 8320 293
ISO 7 - - - 352000 83200 2930
ISO 8 - - - 3520000 832000 29300
ISO 9 - - - 35200000 8320000 293000


Complete Compliance Picture in Real-Time:

DL-OPC5000, in tandem with DGEM, offers a seamless and automated monitoring process. The DL-OPC5000 precisely measures particle number concentrations in six size bins, including the three size ranges specified in the ISO 8 class. This comprehensive measurement capability ensures that cleanroom environments conform to the strictest cleanliness requirements defined by ISO 14644-1 2015.

Real-time data transmission and analysis via DGEM empower stakeholders to access, visualize, and analyze cleanroom particle data effortlessly. With instant insights, businesses can proactively address any deviations from cleanroom standards and maintain optimal conditions.

Example of real-time particle data collected with DGEM / DL-OPC5000 from a facility operating under the Cleanroom standard

Continuous Monitoring for Enhanced Control:

DL-OPC5000 and DGEM provide continuous monitoring, ensuring that cleanroom compliance is upheld at all times. Unlike periodic manual measurements, this automated approach allows businesses to identify trends, patterns, and potential issues promptly. With real-time alerts and notifications, you can respond swiftly to any changes in particle concentrations, preventing deviations before they escalate.

DL-OPC5000 and DGEM in Major Cloud Providers' Data Centers:

Our product's reliability and effectiveness have earned the trust of major cloud providers, who have integrated DL-OPC5000 and DGEM into their data centers. These cloud providers utilize our solution to assess compliance with ISO 14644-1 2015, ensuring their data centers meet the highest cleanliness standards.


In the pursuit of precision and safety, ISO 14644-1 2015 Cleanroom compliance is of utmost importance. Our DL-OPC5000 Particle Counter, in combination with DGEM, delivers an automated, real-time, and continuous monitoring solution that removes the burden of manual periodic measurements.

With instant insights and a comprehensive view of cleanroom compliance, businesses gain enhanced control over environmental conditions. The DL-OPC5000 and DGEM are currently trusted by major cloud providers in their data centers, underscoring the reliability and effectiveness of our product.

Experience a new level of cleanroom monitoring efficiency and compliance with DL-OPC5000 and DGEM. Contact us today to explore how this powerful duo can elevate your cleanroom standards and propel your industry forward.

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